Russian institutions will be targeted by hackers this year

Experts from the cybersecurity company Positive Technologies have suggested that Russian institutions will be a target for hackers this year.

And in a statement released by the company today, Thursday, it said: “Positive Technology cybersecurity experts expect changes to the cyber threat map during 2023, and the goals of the attackers will not be to obtain financial gain or demand financial ransom, but rather to disrupt the activities of institutions. and thereby stop important technological operations.”

The statement added: “Experts estimate that there will be an increase in cyberattacks against social media and instant messaging (e-mail) users, in addition to an increase in attacks against trusted websites that users rely on. access to many services.

Experts also warned against attempts by hackers to penetrate the confidential data of patients and employees of medical institutions in order to extort money from them, as well as penetrate medical sites and applications that provide services remotely.