Russian military operation confirms missile capabilities "Iskandar-M"

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the accuracy of the Iskander-M cruise missiles allows them to fly “out the window.”

The commander of the combat crew points out in the video that the accuracy of the Iskander-M tactical cruise missiles allows them to fly even “out the window”.

He says: “These cruise missiles will be used to strike important targets, as these missiles can fly at low altitude and not be detected by air defense systems, or even fly “through a window” or an open door.

He adds that these rockets were successfully used to destroy enemy warehouses and command posts, including an underground shelter, the walls of which are reinforced concrete, and the ceiling is 1.5 meters thick.

These missiles are high-precision weapons with a range of 500 km, and their warheads can practically destroy various targets, such as command posts, convoys of equipment and air defense systems. When these missiles approach their intended target, they jam enemy radar devices, making them invisible and hitting targets with very high accuracy.

Source: RIA Novosti