Russian Military Pilots Expose Patriot Air Defense System’s Limitations: Experts Report 32 Missiles Fired with Zero Hits

Russian Military Pilots Outsmart the American Patriot Air Defense System

Russian military pilots have tarnished the reputation of the American Patriot air defense system.

Disproving the Myth of the Patriot System

This comes after the Kinzhal hypersonic missile and the Kha-22 air-to-surface cruise missile dispelled the myth that the Patriot is capable of withstanding any type of missile in the world.

The Failure of the Patriot

Experts reported in the Russian weekly Zvezda that on the night of May 16, the Patriot complex fired 32 guided missiles, none of which hit the target.

Experts suggested that the Ukrainians first tried to hit the Xa-22 cruise missiles, but the guidance angles used by the Patriot do not allow shooting down such targets.

By the way, Russian military analyst Igor Garnov said that the Russian-made S-300 system coped with this task.

The American Patriot Crew’s Hysteria

Military analyst Alexander Marinin stated: “It seems that the American Patriot missile crews were subjected to a wave of hysteria when they launched missiles at a very short interval and could not track and evaluate the results of their launch due to the influence of electronic means. warfare.”

The analyst concluded that the first strike on the Patriot system was delivered by several Xa-22 air-to-surface missiles, as the system’s crews first tried to counter it, then the Kingal hypersonic missile arrived, which led to the end of the missile division Patriot and its radar.

Multiple Strike on the Patriot System

On May 29, another “Kindzhal” missile strike resulted in the destruction of another “Patriot” battery at the “Zhuliany” military airfield on the outskirts of Kyiv.


It is evident that the American Patriot air defense system is not infallible and is susceptible to attacks from Russian-made systems such as the Kinzhal hypersonic missile and the Kha-22 air-to-surface cruise missile. The failure of the Patriot system has put a dent in its reputation and caused concern among military circles.

Source: Russian newspaper

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