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Russian missiles enter NATO borders… and kill two people in Poland

A senior US intelligence official said on Tuesday evening that Russian missiles crossed the border with Poland (a NATO member), killing two people. According to the Associated Press.

near the borders of Ukraine

Two people died in an explosion in the eastern village of Przyodo, near the border with Ukraine, firefighters said. As reported by Reuters.

In turn, the government spokesman said on Twitter that the prime minister had called for an urgent meeting of the government’s committee for national security and defense affairs.

‘dangerous escalation’

For its part, the Latvian Foreign Ministry considered that the fall of Russian missiles on the territory of a NATO member is a very dangerous escalation by the Kremlin, expressing Latvia’s full solidarity with Poland.

And he announced that he will support “any measure that Poland deems appropriate … and Russia will assume full responsibility for all consequences”.

“Defend every inch of NATO territory”

While the Estonian Foreign Ministry has announced that it is consulting closely with Poland and other allies, underlining “the willingness to defend every inch of NATO territory”.

As for neighboring Hungary, it announced a meeting of the National Security Council after the fall of Russian missiles in Poland.

The escalation came after Russia rained missiles on cities across Ukraine on Tuesday in what Kiev described as the heaviest wave of rocket attacks in the nearly nine-month war.

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