Russian oil exports outside the former Soviet Union increase by 2% in 4 weeks

An informed source told “Reuters” today Wednesday that Russian oil exports, excluding those destined for the countries of the former Soviet Union, have soared. in media to 4.88 million barrels per day in prime four weeks of last April, with a 2% increase over the previous March.

The source added that the production of oil and gas condensate in Russia has declined in that period of about 9% to 10.05 million barrels per day, in in line with a report from the Interfax news agency last week.

Petro Logistics, which specializes in monitoring oil tankers, previously reported that exports of Russian marine crude increased in March 2022 compared to February, although some shipments are awaiting their destination in the wake of Western sanctions in Moscow.

According to Petro Logistics, exports of Russian marine crude oil in March increased by 350,000 barrels a day since February, to about 3 million barrels a day, while shipments of petroleum products surpassed two million barrels a day in March.

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