Russian progress in Donetsk… and supply cuts in Oglidar

With the fighting continuing in eastern Ukraine, where Russia has intensified its strikes and attacks since last month in more regions of the Donbass region which includes Donetsk and Lugansk, the adviser to the president of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” Igor Kimakovsky (who is only recognized by Russia) announced that the Russian army had cut off supplies About the city of Oglidar , located on the strategic axis of the south of Donetsk.

He also indicated that Russian forces are advancing from three axes. “The city is being captured gradually in a semicircle, from the east and southeast,” he told Sputnik today on Friday, adding that the capture of Ogledar is proceeding in the same pattern as that of Artemovsk.

Big roadblocks

Furthermore, he announced that several major roads had been cut off in Oglidar, where ammunition and manpower were being transported to the Ukrainian forces.

He considered that the Ukrainian forces are now facing real problems and difficulties in providing support and ammunition to the city, because the Russian army has taken control of the road from “Krasnoarmeisk” (Ukrainian name – Pokrovsk) to Oglidar.

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