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Russian released from Washington: prison conditions were difficult


The day after his release under an exchange agreement between Moscow and Washington, Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko revealed the difficult conditions he experienced in American prisons.

He explained that health conditions inside American prisons are limited and unsatisfactory, with around 80-100 people living in a common room.

He added that the beds inside the prison are made of iron and pillows are prohibited, in addition to the ban on packages from abroad, including medicines, according to the Russian newspaper “Izvestia” and quoted by “Russia Today”.

exchange in Turkey

The Russian driver was released yesterday in an exchange agreement with American prisoner Trevor Reed, a United States Marine Corps officer who was serving a prison sentence in Russia.

While the exchange took place in Turkey, Yaroshenko was then transferred the same day to Moscow, where he met his wife and daughter.

Interestingly, the prisoner exchange was on the agenda of the summit held by US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Geneva in June 2021.

Another possible deal

Two other Americans imprisoned in Russia I’m Paul Whelan, former safety director of a parts company auto, and Britney Greiner, a basketball player accused of drug possession. Another exchange of the same type may take place.

The last prisoner exchange between Washington and Moscow took place in 2010 in Vienna.

Among them were Anna Chapman, a Russian woman based in New York who was arrested on suspicion of spying, and Sergei Skripal, a former Russian intelligence officer and double agent for Britain.

His poisoning in 2018 in the south of England, where he had taken refuge, triggered a serious diplomatic crisis with Russia, which has always denied that it attempted to kill the former spy.

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