Russian robot began to work in an Indian school

Promobot announced that the Russian robot Promobot V.4 has started its work in an Indian school and will teach several academic subjects.

The company said in a statement: “The Russian robot Promobot V.4 has begun its work at the Heritage School in New Delhi, India, where it will teach students in several disciplines and will serve as a “live” laboratory platform as part of further education. lessons”.

The company notes that with the help of the robot, students will learn programming, electronics, mechatronics, and robot programming.

“The peculiarity of studying robotics technology with the Promobot robot is that it is a “real” robot, which today already works in 43 countries around the world. With its help, children get acquainted with the work of artificial intelligence on a live example, and not through hypothetical models, says Oleg Kivokortsev, Promobot development manager. “This is a unique opportunity: a Russian robot, copies of which run around the world – from the US to Australia.”

Promobot V.4 is a service robot designed to work in crowded places, and it can perform various tasks – an adviser, an airport employee, a guide or an administrator.

It is noteworthy that this is not Promobot’s first experience in Indian educational institutions, as it has previously worked with Maharishi Vidya Mandir private schools in Chennai, India.

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