Russian scientist develops smokeless incense burners for churches

A scientist of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Kulikov has developed an innovative incense burner based on a catalytic burner.

One of its advantages is that it does not smoke, but emits the smell of incense and warmth.

The scientist said that the evaporator runs on a mixture of propane, butane and air and consumes a small amount of gas.

Experimental tests of the incense burner were carried out in the Novosibirsk church of Akademgorodok.

The main device of the incense burner is a catalytic burner. It consists of two catalytic grids, an ejector fuel cell and a 0.18 mm fine orifice nozzle. The nozzle diameter can be adjusted to achieve a uniform ratio of air volumes and ensure complete combustion of the fuel without residue in the form of combustion products.

The scientist explained: “When a mixture of propane, butane and air enters the ejector, this jet stream spreads inside it.” There are so-called small turbines that spin the mixture in opposite directions. The mixture of air and gas must be evenly distributed and flow around the gratings. The degree of spread can be estimated by a uniform red glow.

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