Russian scientists are developing a small nuclear battery that lasts 20 years!

Scientists from MISiS, the Russian National Research Technological University, have developed a small-sized nuclear battery capable of operating for 20 years.

According to university scientists, “3D printing techniques used to make the cells of this battery made it three times smaller than other small nuclear batteries in the same category, and also increased its productivity by 10 times. , and reduced the cost of production by 50%.

For his part, Sergey Legutin, one of the scientists involved in the development of the aforementioned battery, said: “The unique design of this battery will make it highly efficient and reduce the dependence of electronic devices on other energy sources by about 50%. “

According to available information, said battery will be universal and will be used as an emergency power source for electronic devices operating at temperatures where conventional electronics cannot operate, electronics for underwater operation or electronics for work. in the highlands.

Source: Weapons of Russia