Russian scientists create a new system to fight cancer

Scientists from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics have created a new system for improving the quality of cancer treatment, which allows doctors to control the patient’s response to treatment.

Thermal therapies that use temperatures of 43-45 degrees Celsius are currently being tested around the world to kill cancer cells and increase the chances of recovery, the researchers said.

Experts note that the methods of temperature increase and thermal ablation (heating the tumor to 60°C and above) have not yet become widespread in clinical practice due to the lack of reliable technical solutions for precise control over the procedure.

A team of scientists from the laboratory of biomedical technologies of the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics managed to create a unique complex for hyperthermia and thermal ablation, which is completely safe for the patient.

Denis Bakhmurin, Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial Electronics of the University, says: “Our method differs in that electromagnetic and electric fields, sound waves and active beams do not pass through the patient’s body. circulates and heats up in the heater, and heat enters only the tissues of the patient’s body.

The researchers add that this innovative compound has no analogues in the world, and doctors from the Oncology Research Institute of the Tomsk National Medical Research Center began to use it, since thermal ablation operations were performed on about 30 patients suffering from bone tumors, all of which were successful, in the area there were no relapse effects.

Source: News