Russian scientists develop technology for extinguishing fires using a swarm of drones

Specialists of the Russian Scientific and Technical University “Ufa” have developed a technology for extinguishing fires, including forest fires, using swarm marches.

This was stated by a representative of the federal project “Working Platform of the Technological University”, indicating that “fire drones” equipped with modern electronic devices can take off from a fire extinguishing vehicle.

“Our innovation is the independent implementation of the process of extinguishing a fire by making marches towards the area of ​​the fire, which allows not only to coordinate the work of fire brigades, but also to take independent actions to extinguish a fire in its initial stage. stage,” said Kirill Abyzov, the author of the project, a university student.

Abyzov recalled that marches are currently used to extinguish fires. But they perform survey or other auxiliary functions.

As for the technology proposed by Abyzov and his colleagues, a squadron of drones automatically takes off from a heavy fire truck, reaches the fires at given coordinates and drops fire bombs. The fire brigade commander can use a computer program for this purpose or switch to manual control.

The project won the federal startup competition held by the Foundation for Support of Innovation and University Development, the Skolkovo Innovation Foundation and the Moscow Institute of Physics.

Source: TASS