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Russian scientists have developed a way to restore brain cells

Specialists from the Institute of Biotechnology and Engineering of the Russian Medical University named after Sechenov have created a technology for the restoration of neurons and brain cells.

These cells can be repaired using electric current and infrared light, the researchers say, and Russian engineers have created a device that can actually revitalize damaged human nerves.

This device, which is a very thin organic substrate (a thousand times thinner than a hair on the head), can wrap damaged nerves inside the eye, and then repair nerve tissue using electric current and infrared light. This device consists of organic semiconductors and does not pose a danger to the body, therefore, after the restoration of the nervous tissue, it does not require surgical removal from the body.

According to the creators, when the device is exposed to red light, a weak electromagnetic field is created that stimulates and activates neurons, which leads to their rapid and active growth.

“Our research gives us hope that with the help of this device it will be possible to restore nerves and conduct wireless brain stimulation,” says Alexander Markov, associate professor at the university.

The results of this study are published in the International Journal of Biophysics.

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