Russian scientists have discovered an effective way to restore body tissues

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia reported that Russian scientists have discovered an effective way to restore body tissues using cell therapy.

A source in the ministry said in an interview with Russian RIA Novosti that cell therapy uses young fibroblasts that produce the protein collagen, which forms the basis of the connective tissue in the body – cartilage, bones and tendons. and ensures its durability. These cells are usually taken from the patient and, after replication in the laboratory, are injected into damaged tissue or with a tissue implant that is implanted into the body.

According to scientists, one of the main problems with the use of fibroblasts is their slow multiplication in the elderly. Also, the bulk of these cells can die during transplantation due to oxidative stress, which is accompanied by inflammation in damaged tissues.

To circumvent this problem, scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Institute of Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, together with scientists from a number of Russian universities and scientific institutions, have developed a technology for updating fibroblasts by means of a ribbon of polymer “backpacks” – microcontainers with peroxiredoxin – a multiprotein functions on its surface.

The researchers found that this process enhances the viability of fibroblasts under conditions of oxidative stress. This method also increases its mobility and positively affects the production of collagen, improves its adaptation in the patient’s body.

Source: RIA Novosti