Russian scientists use Siberian oil as a cure for many diseases

Scientists from four Russian universities are simultaneously conducting research on the healing properties of West Siberian oil, which is an analogue of the famous Azerbaijani naphthalene oil.

It is planned to be used in medicine and pharmacy. Representatives of Russian pharmaceutical companies will take part in the study.

The Tyumen Industrial University in Western Siberia decided to resume work on the project of the famous scientist, academician Ivan Nesterov, presented by him earlier, to study the healing properties of West Siberian oil.

According to the press service of the Tyumen University, specialists from three Tyumen universities and Kazan Federal University are currently working on the project.

This was after the young scientist Marcel Kadyrov proposed to return to the project “Healing Properties of West Siberian Oil”. Scientists want to bring to market the developed methods for isolating the active substance naphthene (petroleum oil) from oil. The result of the study may be the creation of new medicinal and cosmetic products from petroleum products.

It is mentioned that medicinal oil has long been used in the treatment of diseases of the joints and nervous system, as well as in surgery and skin diseases.

Academician Ivan Nesterov discovered the healing properties of West Siberian oil. It turned out that it has geochemical properties similar to naftalan oil, which is produced in Azerbaijan near the city of Naftalan.

Now scientists intend to create a consortium (large company) with the participation of representatives of university science, the oil industry and pharmaceutical companies, hoping that, thanks to the study of the medicinal properties of Russian oil, an innovative health complex will be created in the Tyumen region, and the natural treatment program will include methods of using petroleum oils Western Siberia. It is also planned to provide Russian clinics with local raw materials, to replace Russian medicinal oil with Azerbaijani Naftalan oil.