Russian Security Council: Kiev continues to recruit mercenaries

As the West continues to support Ukraine with weapons and equipment, Russia has renewed its warning against this policy, considering it increases terrorist threats.

Today, Tuesday, Nikola Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council, confirmed that the supply of arms to Kiev and the recruitment of mercenaries continue so far, noting that “terrorist” threats have strongly increased on Ukrainian territory after shipments of foreign weapons. .

lethal weapons

He also added that “the pumping of weapons, the training of fighters of national battalions and the recruitment of mercenaries continue, along with the supplies of lethal foreign weapons entering the country, with the suffering of civilians”, according to reports from the Tas news agency.

Furthermore, he held that “the United States believes it has the right to ignore the principles and rules of international law and the safety of other peoples.” “The whole world has seen more than once this contempt for the interests and souls of others for its own benefit,” she said.

“Let’s remember how American guns killed people in Vietnam, Korea, Laos, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria “, he added, referring to the conflicts in those countries in recent years.

Long-range lethal missiles

Interestingly, since the launch of the Russian operation on the territory of the western neighbor on February 24, Western countries have sided with Kiev, supporting the Ukrainian forces with weapons, missiles and tanks, as well as anti-tank and anti-air systems.

However, Ukrainian authorities have recently stepped up their demands, calling for the delivery of more advanced and long-range lethal missiles, as well as multi-launch missile systems (known as MLRS). in capable of launching a barrage of missiles hundreds of miles away.

This prompted Russia to threaten threatening consequences, as Kiev did not obtain similar missiles.

But the United States frankly announced yesterday, Monday, through their president Joe Biden, that they were not in about to send missile systems in Ukraine that could reach Russian territory.

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