Russian Security Service received a new batch of SR2M submachine guns

The Russian company Kalashnikov announced that it had provided Russian law enforcement agencies with a new batch of SR2M submachine guns.

The company indicated in an online posting that its Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering recently handed over an additional batch of SR2M machine guns to Russian law enforcement special forces.

The modernized 9-mm SR2M submachine gun was developed in the early 2000s, and in 2004 it was adopted by the special forces of the FSB of Russia, and later by other power structures of Russia.

This machine gun is designed to deal with live targets, as well as with unarmored vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.), and has the ability to hit its targets at a distance of up to 200 meters.

This machine gun weighs 1.7 kg with a 20-round magazine, can be equipped with magazines for 20 and 30 rounds, it is also equipped with a variety of rails and axles for equipping various accessories, as well as a folding sock. Its length, when the sock is folded, is only 36.7 cm. This makes it easy to use in tight spaces.

Source: Weapons of Russia