Russian soldiers march in the field

Soldiers of the Central Military District of the Russian Army design and assemble small-sized drones right on the battlefield.

There is no factory that makes these drones, and the crew members assemble them themselves.

One of the crew members said that it is usually difficult for the enemy to calculate the coordinates of the place from where the drone directs its air strike, and it is also difficult to determine the direction from which it flies. In addition, field-assembled drones fly at speeds up to 100 km/h, which is convenient for combat work.

These drones have shown high efficiency despite their experimental nature.

Drones are used to strike at artillery targets, observation and surveillance posts, and ambushes of the Ukrainian army.

As for the members of his crew, they work in two pairs: one is the operator, the other is the director. The first is responsible for the engineering support of the march, supplying it with ammunition and shooting. As for the second, he will lead the march in the air, using special glasses and a remote control. After hitting a target, the drone crew returns it and quickly changes position so that the enemy does not direct fire at it.

Source: Russian newspaper