Rust Update 1.95: A Deep Dive into New Features and Fixes

A new update for Rust, known as Update 1.95, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.

New Monument: Underwater Labs

  • The Rust 1.95 update introduces an exciting new addition to the game world—the Underwater Labs. These procedurally generated structures spawn offshore and are exclusively accessible by diving or using a submarine. As players venture into these submerged complexes, they will encounter intricate puzzles, valuable loot, and hostile NPCs, making exploration both rewarding and perilous.

New Vehicle: Submarines

  • To complement the Underwater Labs, this update also brings new submersible vehicles into the game. Players can now choose between Solo and Duo Submarines, designed for individual or paired underwater travel. These vehicles not only facilitate exploration but also open new tactical possibilities for underwater combat and resource gathering.

New Ammo: Torpedo

  • The update introduces Torpedoes as a new form of ammunition. These powerful projectiles are designed specifically for short-range engagements and can devastate enemy ships, adding a new layer of strategy to naval warfare.

New Feature: Map Markers

  • Team coordination is enhanced with the introduction of Map Markers. Leaders can now place up to five markers on the map, which are shared with all team members. This feature aims to streamline communication and improve strategic planning during raids and exploration.

Enhanced Map Controls

  • Navigating the in-game map is now more intuitive with the updated controls. The [Left Stick] is dedicated to controlling the cursor, while the [Right Stick] manages the zoom level. These adjustments ensure a smoother and more user-friendly mapping experience.

Weapon Inspection

  • Players can now admire their weapons and custom skins through the new weapon inspection feature. Accessible via the gesture wheel, this addition allows for a closer look at your gear, enhancing the personalization aspect of the game.

Improved Player Map and Teams UI

  • The Underwater Labs’ map has been significantly improved, displaying the layout for each floor to aid in navigation and strategy. Furthermore, the Teams UI has been enhanced, with team members’ names now changing color based on their status, providing quick and clear information during gameplay.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Several gameplay issues have been addressed to improve overall player experience:
  • Status indicators now display correctly and consistently.
  • Workbench controls no longer interfere with map screen controls.
  • Players’ oxygen levels now only deplete when underwater.
  • Boats now maintain speed while turning instead of slowing down.
  • Players no longer get involuntarily kicked when jumping on roofs.

UI Improvements

  • Several user interface bugs have been resolved to ensure a smoother gaming experience:
  • Dialogue options for the boat vendor now fit within the dialogue box.
  • The gesture radial menu no longer persists on screen when the player is wounded, nor can it be accessed during this state.
  • Quick Chat has been refined to remove null entries at the end of phrases and the gesture wheel no longer pops up unexpectedly when Quick Chat is disabled.
  • The Workbench Tech Tree cursor movement is now independent of the zoom level.

Visual Fixes

  • The visual experience, especially related to underwater activities, has been enhanced with several fixes:
  • The visible horizon line on the seabed has been removed.
  • Artifacts underwater no longer show pink particle effects.
  • The issue of bright pink squares appearing in the player’s POV underwater has been fixed.
  • The underwater layer no longer appears when slightly above the water surface.
  • Several items now render correctly when smoke effects are enabled, eliminating blocky and fragmented visuals.
  • Underwater visual effects have been adjusted to not persist when a player is slightly above the water surface.
  • Flashing visuals near the water surface have been corrected.

Other Visual and UI Enhancements

  • The spectator view has been improved to no longer show underwater bubble effects or snow particles when spectating mounted players.
  • Map screen control button prompts now remain functional after dying.
  • The light blue shader no longer overlays the world when players emerge from water.
  • The map cursor now correctly centers on the player during the death screen instead of drifting towards the edge.

Other Game Stability Improvements

  • The Rust 1.95 update also focuses on enhancing server stability and preventing unwanted disconnections:
  • Players will no longer get kicked when joining servers.
  • The game title no longer crashes when attempting to join a server after encountering constraints.

Rust Update 1.95 brings an array of new content, from the intricate Underwater Labs to the strategic depth of submarines and torpedoes, while also addressing numerous gameplay, UI, and visual issues. Dive into the new features and experience the enhanced stability and functionality designed to improve your Rust adventure.

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