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Ruturaj Gaikwad strives to die Use lessons from MS Dhoni, Rahul Dravid in Sri Lanka


Gaikwad said on Friday (June 11th) he would be doing banking on his ability adapt to make an impression during Sri Lanka trip. The 24-year-old is from Maharashtra one of the six uncovered players called in the 20-man squad for die limited overtime series against Sri Lanka.

The one run by Shikhar Dhawan side become play three ODIs and three T-20s matches from July 13th to July 25th.

“I am just happy. From the moment I got into it know about you know a journey is coming in front of Your eyes that from where you started and where you wanted to achieve … it’s a pretty emotional feeling, “Gaikwad told PTI.

“You understand the thought of people who supported you throughout the trip, be it mine parents, Friends or trainers. So obviously proud feeling for everyone and feeling happy for all, ”he said.

The right-handed means over 47 in die 59 List A matches and has a strike rate of more than 130 in the T20 format.

Gaikwad feels adapted to every situation in the game is its “core strength”. “…be it in an attacking species or be it playing depending on the situation, some time in Claim or make sure Your team die Exceeds limit, die way I adapt to both situations, in my opinion that is my strength more often, ”he claimed.

Gaikwad said he wanted to reconnect with Rahul Dravid, who would die head coach of the team. Dravid had die Indian U19 and A. trained teams. “The options would be limited, but I am just search forward to learn as much as possible from this journey. There are experienced ones players in the group and of course once again i will get one chance reconnect with Rahul, sir, ”he said.

“The last India A tour happened one and half years ago, also again, there is a chance regroup with him (Rahul Dravid) chat about die game, there are also much more as just performance or scorecard.

“Of course if I do die Get the opportunity just in the hope that I can give my best and wish to win a game for India. One of my biggest goal is to get one win for The Indian team or my country. “

Gaikwad has die Changing room shared with die likes of Faf du Plessis and Mahendra Singh Dhoni in CSK and he thinks he learned a lot from them.

“In my opinion with Mahi Bhai, whatever he says, it’s obviously always an eye-catching and I heard him talking about me in the post-match Presentation and stuff, I don’t talk a lot with he knows that I’m a calm and shy guy, “he said.

“If he (Dhoni) thinks I’m under the pump or the pressure, he is first one to come and ask me, ‘do you feel something? like that and you need don’t worry, ‘”he recalled.

“Even last year there was a situation in that I started badly in IPL, also was he that one who came up first and bat me to relax and enjoy the game… it calmed my nerves a bit and helped me enjoy my game.

“There are many of He gave me inputs die given all the time and they don’t just helped in cricket but also half me in Life, ”he said.

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