Ryan Reynolds finally serves the name of baby number three with Blake Lively

Confidentiality is an important thing for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, especially with respect to their children. The couple never makes a pregnancy or birth announcement and does not publish photos of their daughters on social networks. As for baby number three – which Lively gave birth to in August – the couple was super secret, and they did not reveal his name.

When the 43-year-old actor appeared on The Today Show this week to promote his new film Netflix 6 Underground, he opened up to the idea of ​​having a house full of women. But when Craig Melvin tried to get the name out of Reynolds’ new baby, he said they had not given him one yet. He then joked that there was a name and that he was incredibly unique.

“We’re going to be original, and all the letters on his behalf are silent, I want to give him something to push against in life,” said Reynolds, with his signature sarcasm.

Melvin retaliated by saying, “She will be known as anonymous.” And, Reynolds replied, “Yeah, exactly.”

Fans should not be surprised that Reynolds and Lively keep the name for them for a while. When their eldest daughter James, 5 years old, was born in December 2014, the couple did not reveal her name until March 2015. Reynolds and Lively are also parents of Inez, 3, and they took months to reveal his name after his birth in September 2016.

The couple kept their third secret pregnancy until they got on the red carpet in May for the first Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Lively already had a huge baby bump and was heading towards her third trimester at the time.

Ryan Reynolds opens on Baby # 3: “It’s been amazing” https://t.co/qlbSkxtjJC

– TODAY (December 12, 2019)

Reynolds and the former Gossip Girl did not announce the birth of their daughter either. Instead, he posted a picture in October – two months later – that showed the couple holding the baby, but he covered his face with an emoji and talked about climate policy and Canadian elections.

During today’s interview, the Deadpool star talked about living in a house with “all women,” and he said he loved being the father of three girls and that he did not want it to be otherwise. Reynolds also joked that his all-female family is just him who is doing his part to “wipe the men off the face of the Earth.”

Reynolds became serious for a moment and admitted that it’s getting harder and harder to leave the house.

“I like that, it’s amazing,” Reynolds said, “leaving home is getting harder and harder,” he said, “it gets a lot harder when they ask,” Where are you going? ” When are you coming home and why are you leaving me? “


Ryan Reynolds’ new film, 6 Underground, will be available in streaming on Netflix on December 13th.

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