SaaS platform of News Helpline will provide offline local news publishers

For centuries, we have been hearing that content is the king and if we look at it today, news content is the real king. But unfortunately, news is still received from Tier 1 cities like premium content, whereas the real India lives in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, where due to lack of a proper website, the news of these cities reaches the entire country. Can’t even reach her city dwellers.

In such a situation, the good news is that the news helpline, which is a trusted name in the media industry, is working to bring online local news publishers and reporters of small cities online. The news helpline will give digital identity of online presses ie all of them through their own web sites.

Sanjay Tiwari, founder of the news helpline, stated in his statement, “In today’s new digital India, offline news publishers are slowly ending. In 2015, Modi started the Digital India campaign and in 2016, Jio changed the entire cinereos by making the internet accessible to all across the country. According to RNI (Registrar of News Papers in India), there are 118000 registered publishers in India out of which 18000 are news papers and magazines. But after doing a survey, we found that despite digital India campaign and Jio technology, only 2% to 3% of news papers and magazines have online presence and the remaining 97% to 98% of news papers and magazines still work offline. Are doing These news papers and magazines are barely able to survive and are gradually closing down. ”

Talking more about the difficulties of offline publishers, Sanjay said, “Despite having a strong local network, local news publications are closing down. This is due to high printing costs, digitalisation of readers, lack of technical knowledge, lack of strong revenue model and high subscription rates of news agency. ”

In such a situation, why and how will the news helpline be able to help offline publishers?

SaaS platform of News Helpline will provide offline local news publishers and reporters their own online identity – Sanjay Tiwari at Bollywood Galiyara.

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