SABIC unveils its strategy towards carbon neutrality

During the launch of the Green Saudi Initiative, the Saudi company SABIC revealed its strategy towards carbon neutrality, which it intends to achieve in 2050.

SABIC President Khaled Al-Dabbagh stressed that the company contributes to many strategic initiatives, in in particular those aimed at the production of hydrogen, the reuse of carbon extracted from operations and the recycling of plastic.

In the same context, Yousef Al-Bunyan, CEO of SABIC, attended a panel discussion to discuss ways to improve the reach of new technologies and confirm the company’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and working towards achieving carbon neutrality.

At the Green Saudi Forum, Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman called for a global market for green and blue hydrogen.

In his interview with Al Arabiya yesterday, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said that “international reactions to the Crown Prince’s initiatives have exceeded expectations”, noting that the Kingdom will launch “important initiatives at the summit of the green Middle East”.

In his speech during the first edition of the Green Saudi Initiative’s annual forum in Riyadh, the Minister of Energy said that the Kingdom will be responsible for the objectives announced. in matter of “carbon emissions”.

The forum is responsible for launching new environmental initiatives for the Kingdom and following up on the impact of the previously announced initiatives, in order to achieve the objectives of the Green Saudi Initiative.

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