Sabrina Parr reveals how she allowed Lamar Odom to end her p*rn addiction while her fans tell her to keep some things for herself

Sabrina Parr fully agreed that Lamar Odom is her husband – all her fault. The athlete is a developing worker who has been heavily addicted to por**graphy at the beginning of his relationship.

Sabrina used Instagram where she explained how she had led Lamar to stop watching p*rn. One of his tactics was to take his phone!

Her video on Instagram has turned into an advertisement for an app that blocks all adult content from the phone on which it’s installed.

Parr told the story: “When I first met @lamarodom, he had a serious addiction to por**graphy. I did not understand it. I did not know what to do. But I knew that I was not going to take care of it !!!!! The choices were; Either stop watching p*rn or go out! Lamar decided to stop watching p*rn !!! But it was not easy for him, and he would be easily tempted. At first, he decided to let me pick up his phone all day, so there was no access. Although flattered, I did not like this idea because a man needs his phone! Thank God we found @ covenant.eyes !!!! This application allowed him to keep his phone and block access to p*rn! Learn more about our history and the effectiveness of @ covenant.eyes for us at You can also click on the link in my bio! ‘

Odom is not alone with this addiction, his former brother-in-law, Kanye West, recently said he had already suffered the same thing.

Although some people congratulated Sabrina for her honesty about their struggle as a couple, some people wanted her to keep this information to herself.

One person commented, “Lol, why are you broadcasting this? It’s extremely personal, I would not like to know about it. Some of you are just becoming too personal that I can not handle. I may be seeing some happy pictures of you and your awesome videos, etc., but that’s a lot of you doing too much. You’re not even together that long, it’s not appropriate. ”

Another added, “I would NEVER tell these NANA women about my sensitivity? personal and private business on social media. There are real rampant demons on social media. ”

This person has the feeling of having exploited his fiance in search of a puncture of money: “ARE SERIOUS LADY ???? ????????♂️????????♂️????????♂️????????♂️????????♂️????????♂️ LAMAR RUN! Are you wondering why you associate p*rn addiction with an app that pays you for a promo?