Safe Arab travel corridors from Corona … and carbon neutrality for aviation by 2050

The Arab Air Transport Association has decided to adopt a goal of (zero) carbon emissions by 2050, in in line with the joint responsibility of all sectors concerned with Arab civil aviation.

The fifty-fourth general meeting of the Arab Air Carriers Association asked The conclusion of his meetings in Doha last night to adopt the guidelines for air travel And vital security in light of the Corona pandemic which was agreed upon by those same governments through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the World Health Organization and their joint work, which led to the report and regulations indicative of the ICAO Council Task Force on Aviation Recovery (CART).

The Assembly stressed the need to respect the Chicago Convention and bilateral air services agreements in everything related to civil aviation and international air transport, including environmental measures.

The General Assembly also commended the decision of the Economic and Social Council of the League of Arab States, which adopted the general principles of biosecurity for travel and the mutual recognition of Covid-19 vaccine certificates, in compliance with international guidelines published by ICAO and the Mondo Health Organization and called on governments to apply these principles in national measures relating to biosecurity and travel.

Regarding the subject matter of some governments’ agreement to establish so-called travel health corridors, the General Assembly called on these governments to follow ICAO guidelines in applying such corridors, provided that are temporary and based on applicable air transport service contracts.

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