Safety driver in 2018 Uber crash is charged with irresponsible murder

Keep eyes on the street–.

Prosecutors selected not to prosecute Uber in 2019.

Timothy B. Lee

A silver SUV with a damage grill is parked on a street at night.

Enlarge / The Uber truck after it struck Elaine Herzberg.

An Arizona grand jury has really arraigned Rafaela Vasquez, a previous security driver in Uber’s self-driving vehicles and truck project, for the 2018 death of pedestrian Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona. Prosecutors chose not to charge Uber criminally last year.

The crash took place after dark on a well-lit stretch of Mill Opportunity. When the driver SUV struck her at 38 miles per hour, Herzberg was crossing the multilane street facing her a bike. Video from a camera-down electronic for more exposes Vasquez looking crash at her lap truth show than 5 seconds just prior to the Authorities found that Vasquez had actually been streaming a called crash The Voice

to her phone prior to the is.charged with Vasquez of being

” Distracted driving is an issue of fantastic value in our community,” irresponsible murder, a charge equivalent to murder that brings a recommended sentence in 2.5 a Maricopa County lawyer stated “When a driver supports the wheel of a vehicle, they have a duty to control and operate that car securely and in a law-abiding way.”

a grand release. in The with jury officially authorized the charges

” We should not be hitting things every 15,00 0 miles”

August, and Vasquez was arraigned on Tuesday. She was released pending trial Uber an ankle tracking gizmo.with Senior technology in managers looked out about concerns crash its self-driving one the months prior to the HerzbergUber death leaving Uber test car “drove on the pathway for several meters.”

” At Waymo I would not have actually been shocked if the whole fleet was immediately grounded for weeks or longer if an automobile exhibited the same habits,” engineer sent out a scathing email to the event “was essentially overlooked” the self-driving of days prior to Herzberg’s

.Uber Miller composed. When an

” After a very comprehensive review of all evidence provided, this workplace has determined that there is no basis for criminal liability for the Uber corporation,” Miller made up,

Uber Miller pointed to an event the previous week (9 days prior to Herzberg’s fast). Rather, he reported, the with up until Miller brought it to the attention crash management.Uber However new escaped technology program liability

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