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Saif Ali Khan explains how his privilege is the reason he stays away from politics


With the emergence of the NRC and the CAA, prominent Bollywood figures have been invited time and time again to comment on their views on the subject. While several stars have taken to the streets to condemn the actions, many big names have remained neutral and apolitical about their thoughts on the act. Saif Ali Khan was asked about the outcry he said earlier that he was still inquiring into the facts and that he had not made up his mind. But the media was not convinced.

Questioning him again, a major daily asked him why he had chosen to avoid commenting on the question and Saif Ali Khan said: “I think that, in a country like ours, taking a stand can sometimes have results. different from what normally happens in an environment where people can express their opinions and discuss things and life goes on. It’s a slightly more volatile environment, where the impact of what you say is stronger, and some people appreciate that impact, I suppose. I’m not sure I do, so I’m always trying to form an opinion. I’m pretty happy with it. And I don’t feel deprived of that. I feel that I am absolutely too privileged to really enter into this conversation with a relevant point of view. ”

Speaking further on issues of the state of the country, Saif Ali Khan said, “I have never been happier living in my country. The type of medical treatment that is available to me and my family, the education for my children, the professional job and the job that I get, everything about my life in India is better than it has ever been. So I am hopeful. ”


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