Saima .. the first Indian knight to wear the hijab

Saima Syed, a 20-year-old girl from a small town near Jodhpur in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan, became the first Indian “One Star” rider. He wears a hijab and proudly flaunts his unique achievement as he remembers and celebrates his milestone of becoming a “One Star Competitor” by qualifying with a bronze medal in the 80km endurance race.

Saimeh became the first female competitor in the country to achieve this position. Saima participated in the competition which was held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat from February 17th to 18th of questyear with the joint patronage of the Equestrian Federation of India and the All India Marwari Horse Association, Gujarat (India) Chapter. and 80 km races. The Saima family, resident in the town of Badi Khatu in Nagor, live in Jodhpur.

Saima often goes to the tournament with her favorite mare, Aravalli. After 8 years of effort, it has now achieved this huge success and now the Indian Equestrian Federation has issued a certificate of non-objection to Saima to take part in the events in various Asian and European countries and wish her a bright future. During the issuance of the certificate, the Secretary General of the EFI, Colonel Javier Singh, said that the EFI had secured Saima in its federation on the recommendation of the EFI of India. This has now paved the way for Saima to play for her country in the endurance race of 100km and beyond.

In the Gujarat event, Saima ran 80km and took the bronze. It made her a “stellar class” hiker, a first for any woman in India. Saima competed with many famous equestrian riders in the competition and earned the sweaty bronze medal. Interestingly, there is no separate bearing competition for men and women. They have to compete together. But Saima proved her strength and was called the “Wonder Woman”.

Saima belongs to a family of athletes. His father, Syd Moynol Hak, is one of the top Asian qualifiers in kayak. One of his brothers is on the Rajasthani police shooting team. Her older sister, Masirah Syed, is a nationwide softball player, while her other sister, Sarah Syed, is a nationwide archer. What about being a Muslim and wearing the veil? “Not at all, you can see that I’m wearing a hijab too,” Saima said, as he promised to wave the Indian flag in international competitions.

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