Saint-Germain criticizes the statements of the president of the Spanish League

LONDON: The French football team Paris Saint-Germain was outraged by the criticisms leveled at it by Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish League, and urged him to focus more attention on the two club Spaniards who are still trying to establish the European Super League. Tebas wrote on his Twitter account last week that Saint-Germain was as “dangerous” for European football as the Super League, and is back on the subject. in a press conference in Spain Tuesday. They are enemies like the Super League. “” League of Legends. “Victoriano Melero, general secretary of Paris Saint-Germain, responded to Tebas in a letter seen by the British news agency (PA Media): we must not forget that we comply with the regulations of the European Football Association (UEFA) and the French regulations, including those of the French Football Finance Authority. He continued: “It is worth noting that the French League, like the Spanish League it oversees, has not waited until the last few years to take measures and establish strong financial regulations.” of the presence of these world-class players in the promotion of La Liga until recently ”. “Your wonderful comments on the age of these players not only insult their past and present role in defining how our great game is played, but also offend the millions of fans. in all over the world who adore them so much, “explained Milero. who focuses all his energies on finding common solutions to football problems.” Millero concluded his message by saying, “This is obviously with the exception of three club of the European Super League, two of which are in the Spanish League. I’m quite surprised that you don’t focus your attention on the two more club La Liga who remain firmly focused on undermining La Liga and European football as a whole. Tebas sits alongside Qatari Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of Paris Saint-Germain on UEFA’s powerful executive committee, and also heads the European Leagues, to which the French League belongs. And Saint-Germain had ignored offers made by the riyal to include Mbappe for 200 million euros (236 million dollars), after the leadership of the club he had expressed doubts that the Spanish team actually had the money. leave for free next summer (DPA)

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