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Salah re-enacts the 2018 scene and prepares to avenge Real Madrid in the European final


Paris: Despite having passed four full years, the scene of Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah crying in the Champions League final for the 2017/2018 season is still fondly remembered. In the final of that edition at the “Olympicky” stadium of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, Salah Bakiya was released only half an hour after the start of the match, losing his most important star of Liverpool, which made it easier for rival Real. Real Madrid wins and crowns its thirteenth title in the history of the tournament. And when the same two teams meet on Saturday in the final of the same tournament this season, the memories of this scene will remain etched in the mind of the player at the Stade de France stadium in the French capital, Paris, as well as in the minds of the fans of both teams. and football fans in general. Salah is still one of the most important elements that Liverpool and their German manager Jurgen Klopp rely on in games so difficult due to his talent and high scoring skills through which he can make a difference in front of the strongest competitors. On this day, May 26, 2018, Salah was on a date with the dream of him in his first participation in the Champions League final. But the dream soon vanished due to a very strong collision by Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos before the half hour of the match, and Salah received treatment and returned to resume the match, but sometimes the wind comes with what ships do not wish, as the Egyptian champion left the stadium a few moments later because he was unable to complete the match. And it wasn’t just Salah’s colleagues in Liverpool who tried to console the player, but the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real forward, wanted to go to the player in the moment. in which he left the green rectangle to console him and pull the buttons, knowing that many comparisons were made in the run-up to the game about the ability of one of the two to lead the team to victory in match and crown the precious title. That season was Salah’s first with Liverpool, and it’s the best for him with the team, at least in terms of numbers and statistics, as he was the most important star of the team and scored 44 goals in various tournaments, surpassing his score in any subsequent season with the team, including the 2018/2019 season in which was crowned with the title The European Champions League, as well as the following season 2019/2020, in which he won the English Premier League title with the team. Therefore, the heartbreak of Salah and the Liverpool fans was great seeing their first star say goodbye to the stadium. in advance, and the heartbreak was completed by Real’s 3/1 victory in the match and crowned him with the thirteenth title in the history of his participation in the championship. In the following season, Liverpool won the prestigious European competition, clinching Salah his first title in Champions League. Now, Salah and Liverpool are 90 minutes, and possibly 120 minutes or more, from winning their second Champions League title in four seasons and the seventh in the history of the team in championship. Salah was negatively affected by his two away trips in Africa at the beginning of quest’year, where he finished second with his country in the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, after the team lost on penalties in final against Senegal. He then lost to the same team on penalties in the final decisive round of Africa’s 2022 World Cup qualifiers. But the player kept his list of top scorers in the English Premier League in this season, as well as top scorer in the local league with 23 goals despite his absence from some matches of his team due to his participation with the Egyptian national team for several weeks. Now Salah seeks revenge against Real Madrid through this season’s European Championship final, and the player knows full well it’s a match in which cannot be missed because it could be one of the few comparisons, and the team may be in desperate need of his ability to overcome Real’s defense. Salah had revealed before the second leg in the box championship gold, and after Manchester City advanced 4/3 over Real Madrid in the first leg, they preferred to face Real Madrid in final, what that in reality came about thanks to Real’s victory over Manchester City 3/1 back and qualified by winning the total of the two games. Salah is looking forward to playing a major role in this season’s final, especially as the match will be the conclusion of his penultimate season in his contract with Liverpool. The match could also play an important role in the fight for the Golden Ball presented by the French magazine “France Football”, especially as Salah and his Senegalese colleague Sadio Mane and French striker Karim Benzema lead the most nomination, according to many reports in recent times. (Dpa)


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