Salah replies frankly .. Who is the best player in the world?

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: International, Mohamed Salah, unleashed with a new set of controversial statements and resounding headlines in front line on newspapers and football sites, in answer to a question from the British “BT Sport” network, about his opinion on the best player in the world who deserves the Golden Ball award, ahead of the epic Saturday, which will bring his Liverpool side together with the great Real Madrid to determine the identity of the European Champions League champion in ground of the “Saint-Denis” stadium. Unusually, the pharaoh unleashed a storm of controversy in the media and in the “social media”, with what were known as his” messages of vengeance “to the Royal Club, revealing his unbridled desire to avenge the defeat of the 2018 Kyiv final, as well as personal revenge for the dislocated shoulder, which forced him to leave. the stadium of the Ukrainian capital in the first half hour of the first half, after a brutal intervention by former Merengue captain Sergio Ramos. Abu Salah’s news bombings began, 24 hours before the identification of Liverpool’s opponent in the final of Paris, when he wanted Real Madrid to beat Manchester City in the return leg of the “Santiago Bernabeu” semifinal, in a televised interview after overcoming the obstacle Villarreal in semifinal, exploited by media Spaniards and the white media environment as it should, to ignite a war of words in the two fields during the preparation for the final of the two ears, which took place on the ground, with gifts from Salah, who manifested himself in his tweets and in the bold statements of the latest weeks and days. On the eve of the final in the capital of love and fashion, the captain of the Egyptian national team was asked: “Do you still think you are the best in the world? Yes, I can repeat it, by myself, I completely believe that I am the best player in the world, no matter if I choose another player or not, with all due respect to all, but as I said. I think I’m the best in the world anyway. If I don’t vote for myself, it will be my choice for Karim Benzema ”. It is known that Salah was one of the fiercest contenders for the Ballon d’Or, thanks to his departure from semi- superior with Liverpool, which allowed him to secure his place in the Premier League scorer at a safe distance from everyone, as well as his impact on the team’s victories in various competitions, before waking up with the nightmare of losing the African Nations Cup With his national team, falling in the final against Senegal, only to lose the dream of playing the World Cup in that decisive match against the same opponent, which negatively affected his goal rate, to share the Golden Boot award with Tottenham’s top scorer Heung-min Son hard. The decline in Salah’s goal curve coincided with the explosion of Benzema and his goals, both in the campaign to win the 35th Scudetto and in the arduous journey to reach the Champions League final, scoring a total of 44 goals and 15 assists in all tournaments, including 15 goals in the champions, one goal in away, be described in uniquely as the best scorer in tournament history in a season, and other numbers and results that favor the government over the rest of the aspirants for the World Best Awards in 2022.