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Salah reveals the reason for the celebration of taking off his shirt, and why is his wife jealous?


London – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, Liverpool forward, described his home as a “hospital” and also spoke of the nature of living with his wife, “Maggi”. Salah stated in statements to the French magazine “France Football”, in answer to a question he was asked about living in a house that looks like a hospital: “I really like to describe my house as a hospital, also my wife doesn’t like this.” He explained: “There are two rooms in the house dedicated to equipment for the fitness and muscle strengthening, in one of them has a place reserved for our cats. “Regarding the relationship of his family, his wife and two daughters, Makkah and Kayan, with cats, he said:” Children can play with cats while I train , it’s wonderful. “And regarding the role of the devices he puts in his home in his physical recovery, he said:” At home I can also do cryotherapy, as there is a hyperbaric room … I am constantly looking for new machines. to improve my physical condition. ” And regarding her position as wife about her constant preoccupation with physical fitness, he said, “My wife says that she spends more time with the equipment for training. fitness than with her. “During the dialogue, Mohamed Salah talked about the diet he follows and his role with physical fitness in transforming his body to the highest level of physical fitness, where he said:” I eat broccoli, potatoes, fish, chicken and always salad. “And the rest of the types he prefers or eats exceptionally from time to time in so much, he replied: “When I am in a big restaurant in London, I prefer sushi, and I eat pizza once a month, and I also like burgers, but it’s very rare that I eat it because it makes me fat ”. And the star Egyptian revealed: “If the training date was 3 pm, I would go two or three hours earlier and leave an hour or an hour and a half later.” And on the secret of taking off his shirt after scoring, Salah said: “When you fight hard to build a perfect body, there is nothing to be ashamed of.”


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