Sales of auto electric cars surpass diesel for the first time in Europe

Europeans have bought more auto electric than diesel in December, the first time the sales of auto have exceeded the auto diesel, the most popular historically in Europe.

The market share of auto electric was more than 20% of the new ones auto sold in Europe and Britain in December, according to data compiled by Berlin auto market analyst Matthias Schmidt.

Sales of auto diesel, which accounted for more than half of the auto new in the European Union until 2015, they dropped to less than 19%, according to the New York Times and seen by Al

The December data revealed how quickly the auto electric have become prevalent since last year’s sales of auto on battery power have increased in Europe, the United States and China, while the auto trades remained stagnant.

This happens when government incentives have paid off auto cheaper electric, more models of auto Electric are offered to choose from and buyers are becoming more aware of the environmental cost of internal combustion engine vehicles.

Sales of auto new cars in the European Union fell by more than 20% in November, due to a shortage of semiconductors that hampered production, according to the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers.

For his part, Schmidt claimed that Tesla was the brand of auto best-selling electric cars in 2021, followed by Volkswagen.

He also believes that Tesla will be in a good position to expand his leadership when questyear will open a factory near Berlin to serve the European market. The leading American company of auto electricity is importing from China to fuel demand in the European market.

Diesel has been popular for a long time in Europe due to fiscal policies that have made diesel less expensive than gasoline. Diesel vehicles are generally more efficient in terms of fuel consumption compared to gasoline vehicles, but produce more harmful pollution.

Diesel’s decline began in 2015 after Volkswagen admitted it had sold millions of dollars auto diesel equipped with software which produced artificially low emissions during the test officers. The illegal program made the vehicles look cleaner than before.

The scandal drew attention to the pollution caused by auto diesel, which caused tens of thousands of premature deaths. Cities like Hamburg and Berlin have banned auto diesel in some neighborhoods, while the European Union has tightened its regulations on vehicle pollution. Car manufacturers also have to pay hefty fines if they don’t reduce carbon dioxide emissions to specified levels.

Currently, the auto petrol engines are even more popular, accounting for 40% of sales of auto new, but they are also in long-term decline.

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