Salma Hayek Does Yoga In Cocktail Dress And Heels And Fans Are Confused

Salma Hayek is not just an ageless beauty and a skilled starlet, it looks like she’s simply full of surprises! The star took to social media to show off simply how versatile she is however that was not what actually got one of the most attention!

Hayek was in fact doing some yoga however not in the typical exercise equipment!

Rather, she was using heels and a cocktail dress in the breeze she posted, much to the amusement of her followers.

The photo was not taken while in quarantine however that would have been even funnier given that it would’ve have actually been a joke about how much she feels the need to dress up once again after 3 weeks of being separated at home.

The sultry image was a throwback however Salma did in fact appear to make that joke about her being stuck in the home and losing her mind.

‘When you start losing it after three weeks of quarantine. #challenge #yogainheels #quarantinemood,’ she hilariously composed in the caption.

After all, seeing her doing yoga in heels and a dress does look quite insane however likewise like a substantial state of mind!

Regardless of the truth that she was using night clothes at the time, she wished to show how versatile she was, putting down on her stomach on a white table.

The clothing was certainly not the very best option for such the starlet however an activity did an excellent task holding the position regardless!

The image likewise revealed her looking into the range wistfully, a minor pout on her face.

Salma looked as spectacular as her, flaunting her natural beauty and long locks cascading her back perfectly.

It did not take fans long at all to respond to the image, commenting things like: ‘You look so pretty????????????,’ and ‘‘Isn’ t it uneasy in such shoes and such a dress?’


Undoubtedly, some were undoubtedly quite confused about the starlet’ option of clothing for exercising so they simply needed to reveal their perplexity.

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