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Salman Rushdie loses an eye and paralyzes his arm

The British writer, of Iranian origin, got lost; Salman Rushdie, the ability to see with one eye, with paralysis in a helping hand, following the aftermath of the August 12 murder attempt when he took the stage in New York State at the invitation of the Chautauqua Foundation to give a lecture on artistic freedom.

This was explained by his literary agent, Andrew Wylie, who revealed more details saying: “His wounds were deep, he lost an eye. He had three serious wounds in his neck. One of his hands is not. in unable to move due to the nerves in the arm. He has about 15 other injuries to his arm, chest and torso. “

Willy didn’t say if Rushdie was still in hospital or left it, saying only: “The most important thing is to live.”

https: // www.youtube.com / watch? v = D4vyRsclNzA


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