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Samara Tijori: We tend to ridicule a truth-teller


Mumbai, June 16 (IANS) Actress Samara Tijori who is playing the central character in the upcoming web series ‘Masoom’ says her character in the show is a truth-teller in the whole murder mystery and how she gets ridiculed for the same.

The story of the show is revolving around a mysterious murder of a woman and how her daughter suspects the involvement of her father.

Decoding the mystery of her character, Samara in conversation with IANS said, “The best part of my character is, she is the only one who is trying to establish the truth going against what everyone is following in the situation.

“Since she has a mental health issue of anxiety, no one is taking her words seriously. But you see, that does not change the truth, right? I think it is the same thing that happens even in our society where if someone tries to search for the truth going against the system, we tend to ridicule the truth-teller.”

“It is easy to say, ‘wo pagal hai, uski baat nahi suno’. That also shows how we treat someone with a mental health issue. We do not say the same about someone who has a physical health issue, say a broken leg for example,” she further explained.

Samara, who is the daughter of veteran actor Deepak Tijori and earlier appeared inAbhishek Bachchan-starrer ‘Bob Biswas’ believes that for an artist or any human being, childhood trauma can ruin the individual and somewhere the show is touching chords on those notes too.

She said, “Apart from being an actress, I am major in Psychology. So saying this from my education that we are a combination of nature and nurture. Nature is what we are inherently born with and then the upbringing, the nurturing that we get, and the experience that we have in the first 10 years of our life, shaped our personality. If anyone has any traumatic experience in childhood, it tends to haunt them in the later stage of life. Our ‘Masoom’ is also somewhere poking those elements through the narrative.”

“Since it is a thriller, I cannot really speak more than this, saving it for the audience to watch and find out,” Samara signed off.

‘Masoom’, also featuring Boman Irani, Upasana Singh, Manjari Fadnnis, Veer Rajwant Singh, Manu Rishi Chaddha, Akashdeep Arora, Sarika Singh, Sukhpal Singh – directed by Mihir Desai – streams on Disney+ Hotstar from June 17.


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