Samsung adds foldable features to its older phones

Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 add a number of smart new features designed for foldable phones as part of the One UI 3.1.1 update.

But if you own a Fold 2, Z Flip, or even the original Galaxy Fold, you will still be in able to get some new additions without having to buy a new phone.

The interface is designed The new One UI 3.1.1 user to take advantage of the large screen and unique shape of the devices. Helps make devices easier to use.

As of August 31, One UI 3.1.1 is also available for Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Flip.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, which launched in 2019, also receives the update about a week later.

The feature works with many apps, including Samsung Internet, Samsung Notes, My Files, Messages, MS Office, OneNote, OneDrive, and more.

And when it comes to tweaking the layout of your apps in your favorite style, the feature makes transitions more responsive and intuitive.

With One UI 3.1.1, the window you want to move appears when you press the top handle, making it easy to drag the app to the desired location.

One of the best features of the foldable smartphone’s unique shape is the detailed experiences it offers to users whether they are viewing an app in portrait or landscape orientation.

And with the all-new app rotation feature, your apps seamlessly transition to the right user experience to match vertical or horizontal aspect ratio.

When the function is activated in Labs, even static apps can be rotated vertically 90 degrees.

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