Samsung Testing Strength in Weak Market with Galaxy S Phones

Samsung Electronics has revealed its latest premium smartphones, in a test of the strength of its brand, in one moment in including the telephony market mobile it is going through unprecedented weakness.

The Galaxy S23 smartphone category has better cameras and faster chips than its predecessor, but analysts said the prime sales will face weak demand as consumers spend less in luxury goods due to rising inflation.

The Ultra S23, unveiled by the South Korean company on Wednesday, has Samsung’s first 200-megapixel camera sensor, which provides sharper images after zooming in.

And this category of phones was based on the “Snap Dragon 8 second generation” mobile phone processor manufactured by Qualcomm, which is faster than the chips used in the “S22” category.

The “S23” phone is the first Samsung phone to use the “GeForce RTX 4070” graphics card, made by NVIDIA, for games that require a powerful processor and playing games via streaming in direct. Many consumers judge the quality of the phone in based on these functions.

In the US, the base price of the “Galaxy S23” will start at $799, and the price of the highest specification “Galaxy S23 Plus” version is $999, while the advanced version “Ultra S23” price is $1199 .

Samsung has kept prices at the same level as last year’s versions, despite the increase in the cost of components.

But global smartphone shipments showed the biggest decline on record in a single quarter in the period October-December, in a 18.3% drop from a year earlier to 300.3 million units, according to data from research firm IDC last month.

Numbers put in doubt the prospects for a modest recovery in the telephony market mobile quest’year.

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