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Samsung’s Maintenance Mode Protects Your Data During Phone Repairs

In July, Samsung started using Galaxy S21 phones in Korea to test a new privacy feature. The “Maintenance Mode” tool lets users protect their personal information, like photos, messages, and contacts, when they send their device in for repair. Now, Samsung says that the feature is good to go.

Samsung's Maintenance Mode

The company has started putting Maintenance Mode on Galaxy devices with One UI 5 starting today. In 2023, more people will be able to get them. In other words, users of the Galaxy S22 will be the first to be able to use the feature.

Samsung's Maintenance Mode 1

When Maintenance Mode is added to your phone, you’ll be able to turn it on in the Settings menu under “Battery and device care.” It will make a separate account on your phone for a technician to use while working on your device. Maintenance Mode keeps a technician from seeing what apps you have installed and also keeps your personal information safe. They can use the Galaxy Store to download any diagnostic software they need, but once done, your phone will automatically delete all new data and apps. When you get your phone back, you can turn off Maintenance Mode by proving that you are who you say you are.


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