Sana’a… A prominent Houthi leader tortures kidnapped journalists

The families of four Yemeni journalists, kidnapped by the Houthi terrorist militia nearly seven years ago, said they were tortured by a top militia leader inside the Central Security Camp prison in Sana’a.

The families of the four journalists facing wrongful death sentences said the prisoner archive officer of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia authority, Abdul Qadir Al-Murtada, assaulted the kidnapped journalist Tawfiq Al-Mansouri and hit in the head until it was the skull was fractured.

The journalists’ families added in a statement: “According to our confirmed sources from inside the said prison, Tawfiq and two of his fellow journalists, Abdul Khaleq Omran and Harith Hamid, were transferred in isolation cells on the ground floor of the prison, as of early August 2022.”

According to the statement, “each of them has been isolated in solitary confinement cell, and were tortured continuously, in the presence of the head of the Houthi Prisoners Committee, Abdul Qadir al-Murtada, his brother Abu Shihab al-Murtada, and his deputy, Abu Hussein.”

The families of the abductees confirmed that the torture and forced disappearances continued for 45 days, without even their colleagues who were with them in the common cells called “fence” being able to know their fate.

He indicated that after 45 days, Tawfiq and his colleagues were transferred to the collective cell, and traces of torture were seen on him, he had a blow to the head, and the threads of the operation were still on him. he was personally tortured by Abd al-Qader al-Murtada, and his brother, “Abu Shihab”, who is in charge of the prison, and “Abu Hussein”.

The families of the kidnapped journalists, Abdul Qadir Al-Murtada, his brother Abu Shihab Al-Murtada and his deputy, Abu Hussein, were responsible for the lives of Tawfiq Al-Mansouri and his colleagues Abdul-Khaliq Omran, Harith Hamid and Akram Al -Walidi, and the brutal torture and inhumane treatment they are subjected to inside the prison.

He called on the UN envoy and UN organizations to take action to stop the repressive and brutal practices against Al-Mansouri and his fellow kidnapped journalists, to save their lives and to relocate them urgently in hospital to receive the necessary treatment, provide them with health care and allow them to visit and control their lives.

He further affirmed his calls for their immediate and unconditional release from Houthi prisons.

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