Sanaa: Al-Houthi militia seized a private media company

The Houthi militia shut down and stormed a private media company in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, which is under their control, and confiscated it.

Media reported that die Houthi militia have decided to take over the media company “Yemen Digital Media” and have appointed a new director and judicial officer for the company run by the Yemeni journalist Taha Al-Maamari.

According to the sources, stormed die Militias die private Society, die die largest Yemeni satellite broadcasting group is.

The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate condemned die Houthi authority in Sana’a in a recent violation that the Syndicate labeled “dangerous”, die Seizure and seizure of Yemen Digital Media company’s assets for media services and satellite broadcasting.

In a statement made on Monday evening, the syndicate demanded “die De facto authority to end these arbitrary measures, die die Media freedom and die Restrict media investments “.

The union said that the CEO of Yemen Digital Media, Taha Al-Maamari, told her in communicated a statement that die Houthi authorities in Sanaa on Sunday arrested his company that provides media services for television channels and “fabricated charges against him with the aim of seizing the company,” which has been in the media services business since 2004.

According to the Al-Maamari report, security forces closed the company, confiscated it and prevented employees from entering. They also confiscated the company’s car and appointed a manager, in addition to appointing other guards die Takes on the task of coordinating with customers.

The report denied all allegations against the company and its superiors, and indicated that the confiscation warrant in primarily without notice to the Company of charges, subpoenas, or convictions against its manager, as it continued uninterrupted until the date of arbitrary detention.

The journalists’ syndicate condemned die Participation of media institutions in the conflict and the insistence on liquidating all institutions, die not affiliated with the Houthis as well die accidentally making accusations for anything inconsistent with the whims of the de facto authorities in Sana agrees’ a and made die Houthis responsible for these practices.

The syndicate demanded die organizations involved in freedom of expression, in particular die “Union of Arab Journalists” and die “International Federation of Journalists” to show solidarity with the company “Yemen Digital Media” and to push for an end to these repressive measures.

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