Sanaa: More than 21,000 Houthi crimes and abuses in one year

An official human rights report found that the Houthi coup militia committed 21,422 crimes and abuses in the capital it controls, Sana’a, over the past year.

The report issued by the Human Rights Bureau in the capital, Sana’a (government) states: Violations he monitored included murder and torture to deathEnforced disappearances, looting of money, displacement, abuse of children, violation of women’s rights, looting of aid and sectarian education.

The report, titled “Palaces and Tombs,” said 55 extrajudicial killings, 10 torture deaths, 180 injuries, 538 arbitrary kidnappings, 163 enforced disappearances and 92 house arrest were recorded in the city of Sana’a over the past year.

The report documents that the Houthis committed 268 torture and cruel treatment, 426 physical assaults, 168 military trials, 303 storms and looting of public property, 482 storms and looting of private property, and 471 looting of money.

There were also 64 incidents of attacks on protests, 455 attacks on public freedoms, 6,362 abuse in the workplace, 2,836 establishment of sectarian activities and activities, 2,676 violations of children, 564 violations of women, 326 aid and relief looting, 32 attacks on Relief supplies monitor workers and 539 evictions, 3,518 violations of free movement and 894 child recruitment.

Capital Secretariat Undersecretary Abdul Majeed Al-Jarf said at the report’s release event on Wednesday in Ma’rib Governorate: “The Houthi militia are a loose gang that attaches no importance to the sanctity of a human right or legal consideration “Indicating that it” is committing its crimes against the Yemeni people while covering up all the consequences. As a result of the silence of the international community about it. “

He said: “The only way to stop his crimes is to restore the state and end the coup. The militia do not believe in peace and are not obliged to reach an agreement.”

The director of the Human Rights Office in the Secretariat, Fahmi Al-Zubairi, again confirmed that the crimes and abuses committed by the militia against the people of Sana’a are increasing and becoming more serious.

He stated that the most serious crimes and militia violations are torture to death, extrajudicial killings, permanent disabilities, kidnapping and disappearances of women, torture and assault in prisons.

During the public relations work, Issam Al-Zindani and Muhammad Al-Hasani, two former hijackers of the coup militia, spoke about the conditions of their detention and the brutal torture that led to permanent disabilities, and called on the human rights authorities to put pressure on the Houthi militia, to release the remaining abductees in their prisons.

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