Sana’a .. The Houthis stormed the headquarters of the Bar Association and kidnapped the president and some of its members

Thursday the Houthi terrorist militia, Iranian arm in Yemen, stormed the headquarters of the Yemeni Bar Association in the capital Sana’a, to prevent the holding of the enlarged meeting which was supposed to take place at the invitation of the union administrative body.

Yemen’s “Khabar” news agency quoted local sources in Sana’a as saying Houthi militia surrounded the union headquarters and occupied nearby houses before raiding the headquarters and kidnapping the head of the Yemeni Bar Association, Abdullah Rajeh, and some union members. members.

He explained that the raid came in an attempt to prevent the union from holding the meeting, timed to show solidarity with the union members who have been targeted during the recent period by Houthi militia members.

The Yemeni Bar Association had invited its members to participate in the enlarged meeting, today, Thursday, starting at 10:30, in the trade union hall located in Al-Raqas Street in front of the transit station (Al-Mafzar), in the center of Sana’a, to discuss the escalation of bombings and violations targeting them in areas under the control of the pro-Iran Houthi terrorist militia.

The Sana’a Bar Association has confirmed, in a statement addressed to the security director of Sana’a, loyal to the Houthi militia, that it was decided to hold an extended meeting for lawyers and lawyers.

The union expressed hope of providing protection to the hall and outside, referring to the possibility of Houthi militia raiding it.

In another statement, the union called on i media of all kinds to cover the Syndicate’s activity with the slogan (Together to achieve justice and fight the corrupt and the corrupt).

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