Sanchez: Football is on the right track in Qatar

DOHA: Felix Sanchez, head coach of the Qatar national soccer team, believes football is still on track in the country hosting World Cup competitions, despite his team exiting the tournament after just two games in the first group, which is a early exclusion of the host country. Sanchez said after Friday’s match that he didn’t believe a 1/3 loss to the Senegal national team marked the end of a tournament. The Spanish coach said that Qatar has young people, a country with a small population like Qatar has always had to deal with some restrictions. “We have a different situation here than in any other country with a larger population,” added the Spanish coach. Qatar became the second country to deposit World Cup competitions from the group stage, after South Africa in 2010. Sanchez had expressed his full satisfaction with his team’s performance on Friday, despite the defeat against the Senegalese team for 1 /3 in the second round of prime group competitions in the currently held World Cup tournament in Qatar. “The local league is not a competitive league,” she added. The team has been built in recent years with the World Cup in mind. A large number of players come from the country’s football academy. And in 2019, Qatar celebrated its biggest international success to date by winning the Asian Cup. (dpa)