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Sanjay Manjrekar taunts Ravindra Jadeja, says he does not do it know English; creates controversy


Apparently a Twitter user shared screenshots of his conversation with die 55-year-old former Cricketer in die Manjrekar while talking about his comments on Jadeja. spoke in 2019 said the Rajkot cricketer who doesn’t understand English and didn’t even understand what he was talking about.

“Sad state that you are in. Expect me to worship players like you do … with the way I am not a fan. I am a analyst. And not Jadeja know English, also he didn’t know die actual meaning of Bits and pieces. And surely someone spelled verbal diarrhea for him, “wrote Manjrekar in the screenshot shared by a Twitter user.

Manjrekar-turned-cricketer-commentator – became a part of a massive debate and great controversy when he referred to Jadeja as a “little cricketer” during the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup in England. The Mumbaikars comment did not work down Well with the Saurashtra cricketer who took to the social media to hit Manjrekar and tweeted that he had “verbal diarrhea” and even signaled the comment box – in an obvious gesture in Direction Manjrekara – after a fifty in the semi-final against New Zealand.

Recently Manjrekar sparked a debate after realizing that Ashwin is not an all-age great on his list. Manjrekar said that since the Tamil Nadu cricketers in SENA i.e. South Africa, England, New Zealand and Australia, countries are not good. He said that players will be brought ‘out of your comfort zone ‘ on such places (SENA countries). The former batsman claimed that die off- Spinner credentials in SENA countries are yet to be proven.

In a video for ESPNCricinfo, Manjrekar said, “Ravichandran Ashwin, with Respect him, i think he is a great Guy at what he does but when people start talk about him as one of die really big ones, I have a few problems with The.”

“One basic problem that i have with Ashwin is that if you look at SENA, die countries for Batsmen and bowlers, places where Indians are outside their comfort zone – it’s amazing that he doesn’t have a single fiver -wicket drag. Not one five-wicket drag in all these countries, “Manjrekar added Furthermore.

Several fans and cricketers took strong exception to Manjrekar’s comments on Ashwin and criticized him.

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