SANY Renewable Energy Installs First Wind Turbine for 50.6 MW Kumai Project in Tibet

SANY Renewable Energy Installs First Wind Turbine in Tibet Region

The Chinese company SANY Renewable Energy, as part of the Kumai project, installed and deployed the first wind turbine with a capacity of 50.6 megawatts in the Tibet region.

7 Windmills Planned for Severe Weather Conditions

The company plans to place 7 windmills SI-16036 specially made for operation in severe weather conditions there.

Excellent Adaptability to Local Mountain Conditions

These turbines show excellent adaptability to local mountain conditions, UV protection, lightning protection, low temperature and ice resistance.

Changing Local Energy Landscape

The project owners believe that the deployment of wind turbines will change the local energy landscape and increase the flexibility of the electricity system in the region. Moreover, according to the owners of the project, such projects push the boundaries of sustainable energy.


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