Satellite images show a dangerous development in the North Korean nuclear program

According to experts, satellite images show renewed activity in a nuclear facility in North Korea, indicating that the Kim Jong Un regime is on die The reprocessing of plutonium for nuclear weapons has been prepared or has already started.

Commercial satellite imagery shows steam or smoke rising from a small building in the Yongbyon Radiochemistry Laboratory and a nearby thermal facility as the laboratory processes spent fuel rods to extract plutonium to make atomic bombs, according to NBC. news American.

The ones from Maxar Technologies and the Center for Strategic and International Studies published photos have been posted on the Beyond Parallel Research Center website.

Earlier satellite images showed in other signs of activity in the thermal power plant in recent weeks.

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Mariano Grossi, pointed to signs of activity this month in the plant in Yongbyon and at another location and described die Nuclear work as a clear violation of die UN sanctions.

Victor Cha, a researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies who is a senior national security officer in the administration of George W. Bush said, die Recent activity suggests that North Korea is preparing to make new efforts for die undertake nuclear reprocessing.

The move and two rounds of missile tests in the past few weeks are a political maneuver by Kim to order die Government of President Joe Biden and South Korean President Moon Jae-in to challenge, said Cha.

“It’s a series of escalations, and I think it’s very calculated. They’re increasing the pressure, like President Trump and President Obama,” added Cha.

He said these steps “are in Not new to North Korea, but it happens pretty early in the administration.”

White House press secretary Jane Psaki said Monday Biden has no plans to meet Kim. Psaki added, “I think his approach would be completely different and that was not his intention.”

Admiral Michael Stoudman, director of intelligence for U.S. command in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, said this month that die recent North Korean nuclear activity could be designed to leverage the United States to achieve sanction relief.
“It is very worrying where North Korea is going,” said Studman in a hypothetical event.

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