Satellite images show the rapid expansion of a cemetery in southern Ukraine

Satellite images analyzed Tuesday by the Associated Press showed the rapid expansion of a cemetery in southern Ukraine in the months since Russian forces took control of the port city of Mariupol.

Images provided by the American terrestrial photography company Planet Labs BBC highlight the changes at Stari Karim cemetery, an occupied town northwest of the city.

A comparison of photos taken on March 24, when Mariupol was under Russian attack, and a photo taken on October 14, months after the fall of the city, shows significant expansion in the southern outskirts of the cemetery.

A’area approximately 1.1 square kilometers (less than half a square mile) appears to have recently been excavated during this period in the southwest corner of the tomb.

Another one area a little over half a square kilometer was excavated in the southeastern pocket of the cemetery.

The number of people buried in the cemetery in a period of about 7 months is still unclear.

The Center for Information Resilience, a London-based non-profit organization specializing in digital investigations that monitored the Stari Kerim cemetery, estimated that since the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine over 4,600 graves have been excavated.

The center said it could not estimate the number of bodies buried

The BBC’s Panorama program was the first to report on the center’s analysis.

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