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Saud is the biggest gain from Al-Akhdar’s participation in the Arab Cup

Saud Abdul Hamid was the biggest gain from our team’s participation with young elements in the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup, where Saud took the leadership badge, as he is the largest and most experienced of them.

Technically, national team coach Laurent Bonadi relied on Saud Abdel Hamid in three positions, in which he plays for the first time, and what is striking is Saud’s skill in any positions that the coach has placed. He relied on him as a pivot player in Jordan and Palestine matches, and Saud Abdul Hamid performed well, and was an addition to the center, and managed to fulfill his role as a skilled pivot player.

In the difficult match against Morocco, Saud Abdel Hamid played in two positions simultaneously, counting on him first as a central defender, alongside Nayef Al-Mas. And the coach gave him another role, depending on the playing conditions, as a right-back.

The experience and maturity with which Saud Abdul-Jameed appeared in this tournament was evident and relieved his colleagues, after they felt sorry for leaving the tournament from the group stage.

Saud Abdel Hamid went to his colleagues seated in field, after the end of the game of Morocco, complaining of luck, asking them to get up and leave the field with their heads held high.

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