Saudi Airlines increases its operational capacity 4600 flights within 10 days

Saudi Airlines has begun to implement its operational plan for domestic and international flights for the end of the first semester holidays, starting Thursday 25 November 2021, until Saturday 4 December, which includes an increase in flights and seat capacity. .

This measure aims to strengthen its international presence and satisfy the wishes of guests in this period which is witnessing a significant increase in air travel, as well as supporting tourism programs and events within the Kingdom.

During the holiday, “Saudi Arabia” awarded more than 943 thousand Headquarters for the national and international sector.

With its fleet of 144 aircraft of various types, SAUDIA will carry out over 4.6 thousand scheduled and additional flights, bringing the media daily seats on holidays with 94.3 thousand seats and 467 flights.

Saudia provides a range of electronic services to complete travel procedures and all operations post-selling through its website ( in addition to its applications on smart devices.

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